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Financial Literacy

The Office of Financial Literacy and Planning assists students with making smart financial decisions while in college. Monthly seminars are provided on campus during the spring and fall semesters. Private individual sessions are available to students year round. Students may make an appointment and walk-ins are also welcome during office hours. Services are free and confidential.


Information on the following:FaceBook Callout
  • Planning for college
  • Saving money
  • Repaying educational loans
  • Finding Scholarships
  • Establishing Credit
  • Repairing Credit
  • Creating a budgetCash Course Logo
  • Managing major purchases
  • Identity theft
  • Opening a bank account
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Planning for college
  • Online tools and links to materials
  • One-on-one sessions
  • In-class presentations
  • Student or alumni led discussions
  • Seminars in the Multi-Purpose Room at noon
    •  Look for our MONEY MATTERS MONDAYS posters around campus
    • Free food served
    • Prizes given away

Free financial literacy materials are available to students and can be used to reach financial goals.  Information for parents who want to know more about funding a students' education is also obtainable.

 Online Services:


Office Location:

 Mesa Building #2114 (In the Student Union)

Hours of Operation:

        Financial Literacy

  • Monday, Wednesday  8am - 5pm
  • Friday (AM) 8am - 12pm

       Veteran Services

  • Tuesday, Thursday 8am - 5pm
  • Friday (PM) 1pm - 5pm

      *Walk ins welcome

Teresa Sotelo
Veteran & Financial Literacy Services Coordinator
(432) 552-2830 (O)
(432) 552-3650 (F)