Student Services

How to Apply

Students requesting to live in Student Housing must complete three tasks before they can be assigned a space:

1.    All students must be admitted to the University. This must be done through the Office of Admissions.

2.    All students must complete a Housing Application

  • All students must complete and return a housing application to the Student Housing Office. This can be done in person, through the mail, or fax.  Applications alone do not guarantee a housing assignment as students must be admitted to the university and pay the housing security deposit as well. Applications may be filed at the Student Housing Office before acceptance to the University due to rooms being assigned on a first-come first-served basis but it is encouraged that they are first admitted before doing so. Students who delay in requesting housing cannot be assured of a room assignment.

    Note: Students will not receive a room assignment unless they are admitted to the University.  Being admitted to the University does not guarantee housing.

3.       A $200 security deposit is required with the application to reserve a room. Once a student moves in, the                       security  deposit converts to a damage/cleaning deposit.

Choosing Roommates

On the housing application, there is room to request roommates. You may request to live with others but all parties must request each other to be placed together. A great way to meet other students is with New Student Orientation during the summer -- get acquainted, choose your roommates, relax, have some fun!


To be a part of Summer ientation, you must contact the department of the Office of Student Life at (432) 552 - 2650. Participation in New Student Orientation is mandatory for all freshman students with less than 30 credit hours. Please view the Office of Student Life's web page or contact them for further information regarding Orientation.


Bacterial Meningitis Immunization

We’d like to make you aware of a recent law passed by the Texas legislature that affects all new college students regardless of their state of residency.

Effective January 1, 2010 all first time college students or transfer students enrolling in Texas public or private colleges and universities who plan to live in on-campus dormitories are required to be immunized against bacterial meningitis prior to moving into on-campus housing.  The meningococcal vaccine is readily available, and you may have already received the vaccine.  If you have not received a meningococcal vaccine, it is imperative that you do so.

You must provide proof of immunization via an official immunizations record.  An official record includes the day, month and year of the vaccination and 1) is signed or stamped by a physician or physician’s designee, or 2) is an immunization record from a public health authority, either state or local, or 3) is an immunizations record from a school official.

If you are not immunized 10 days prior to your arrival to UTPB, you will not be allowed to move into your assigned student housing.

If receiving the meningococcal vaccine would endanger your health, you must provide a signed affidavit from a registered and licensed physician that states in his/her opinion the required vaccination would be injurious to your health and well-being.  If you need to decline the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, you must complete the conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services available at any Texas health department or online at 

We encourage you to read more about the requirements on the Texas Department of health Services website, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Student Housing Office.