Student Services

Poster Hanging Policy



Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your promotional material being taken down and may jeopardize future permission to post your announcements.


Ø      All materials for display or posting must be approved through the student union reception desk and date-stamped signifying approval. (Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 10:00pm or during summer and interim sessions from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) 


Ø      The use of trademarked or copyrighted characters, slogans, etc. are protected by law.  It is the responsibility of club officers & their advisors, or university departments to avoid possible copyright or trademark violations.  (*date-stamping by the student union does not signify copyright or trademark approval.)


Ø      Painting window signs with glass paint must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Life and must be washed off immediately after the event to avoid cleaning charges to the organization or individuals.       If not cleaned within 3 business days after the event, One Source Custodial will be asked to clean the windows and bill the individual or organization responsible*.


Ø      When checking out materials such as, scissors, poster paints, strapping tape, magnetic tape, etc. from the student union, your current school I.D. must be left as a security deposit for the materials while being used.


Ø      No materials of any kind may be attached on or around the metal frame, doors, or walls of the elevators.  Such materials often end up in the elevator shaft causing maintenance and safety problems.


Ø      Adhesive tape may NOT be used on any windows, waxed floors, wood paneling, doors, or painted surfaces.  Poster putty or “Scotch Squares” may be used on windows, provided that it leaves no lasting residue.  The individual or group hanging the signs or posters must provide poster putty or “Scotch Squares”.  It is the responsibility of the individual or group using the poster putty or “Scotch Squares” to take down their expired announcements and clean the putty off the windows*.


Ø      No tape, except magnetic tape, may be used on steel doors or steel walls.


Ø      Strapping or filament tape, or duct tape may be used to hang posters, but only on brick or concrete walls that have not been painted.  (Clubs and departments will need to supply your own special tape)  Posters or banners taped on sidewalks will be removed if they present a hazard to people regularly walking in that area.


Ø      It is the responsibility of the individual or group hanging the announcements to promptly take down their posters & flyers.  This must be done the day after the event or election has taken place.

Ø      * Posted materials that become windblown or fall onto the floor, are hanging upside down, etc. will be removed by S.P.B. or student union staff.  Clubs should maintain their own posters to avoid removal.


Ø      No sidewalk chalk may be used on the picnic tables, planters, benches, walls, or lampposts in the courtyard area, nor on the limestone sidewalks near the library.  These surfaces stain easily and the cleaning or replacement charges will be extremely high for you or for your organization.


Ø      Defacing or removing posters or signs of other individuals or groups is NOT permitted.  Contact the student union desk if posting violations are suspected.


Ø      Signs shall not be obstacles to hallways, stairs, staircase handrails, walkways, driveways, or parking lots.  Posters or flyers may be removed for safety reasons.


Ø      Student campaign “yard signs” shall not be posted in manicured areas, so not to interfere with ground maintenance duties.


Ø      The University Safety Officer (Physical Plant Director) must approve signs for hanging from the Mesa Deck on the second floor.  Please allow at least 48 hours for each request to be approved.


Ø      When students are campaigning for the Student Senate, campaign posters in the balloting area* MUST be taken down the day before the election.  there will be no campaign signs within 30 feet of the ballot boxes on voting days.   (*See senate elections rules for specific guidelines)


Ø      The Student Program Board or Student Union staff may remove any posters or flyers that are not posted in accordance with these procedures.  Failure of the Student Life Staff to promptly remove any materials in violation does not negate these requirements for other groups.


Violations should be reported to the student union desk

(432.552.2650) or via email: