Student Services

Student Service Fees

Each student is assessed a student service fee based on the number of hours enrolled. All student fees are reviewed by the Student Fees Advisory Committee and recommendations are made to the President.  Any concerns regarding student fees may be addressed to the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Services & Academic Affairs.

  • Jeannine Hurst (faculty)
  • Robert Perry (faculty)
  • Iris Fierro (staff)

     ** First year of two year term (students):
    • Allison Bryant (Undergraduate Student)
    • Gerardo Ruiz (Undergraduate Student)
    • Elizabeth Ruiz (Undergraduate Student)    
    •  Student Alternate: Kenzie Stone (Undergraduate Student)
    • Student Alternate: Yesenia Gonzales (Undergraduate Student)
  • Second year of two year term (students):
    • Jessica Ibanez (Undergraduate Student)
    • Amber Bonn (Undergraduate Student)
    • Cristian Rodriguez (Undergraduate Student) Megan Smiley (Undergraduate Student)
  • Caron Perkins – ex officio
  • Teresa Sewell - ex officio

This committee is mandated by state law and recommends to the President annual expenditures from student fees. The designated student** will call the first meeting to order, in which a Chair (student) will be elected. Students will be appointed by the Student Senate later in the year.